The Best Halloween Book EVER!
This book is GROSS. This book is CREEPY. This book has totally cool MONSTERS. And, a Bully BAD GUY who gets what's coming to him, AND a texas hold em' poker game with the highest stakes of all!
Read it with ALL the lights ON!

Or, better yet, with all the light OFF.   bwah hahahaha.

Rollo Crane absolutely, positively, does NOT try to be good. He's mean. He's rotten. And his Halloween night he tries to steal gold from a sleeping demon! 

"And so it was with Rollo Crane, 
a man who enjoyed causing others pain. Till one Halloween night, 
been a few years past, 
he stumbled across a demon 
Who was sleeping in a shack. 
Rollo rifled through his pockets 
Searching for gold, 
but the demon woke up, 
Or so the story is told. 
Looked Rollo in the eye, 
grabbed him by the hand, 
and said, “I hear tell, Mr. Crane, 
You’re a bad, bad man.” 

That demon's name is I Like It Like That, and he has a brother named Some Like It Hot. What happens when they get a hold of Rollo Crane is an epic work of children's literature that is woven from the fabric of classic American Folklore. 

Found Item Publishing