The Ballad of Rollo Crane, A Halloween Story was Suzanne's debut as a children's book author, but quickly blossomed into a best-selling children's book. Queen Gracie and The Case of The Frogs in The Nighttime ,a Christmas story, was released in September 2015.  I'm So Glad You're Here  is a Valentine's Day book illustrated by children and is the perfect was to say I love you. Suzanne has written things for grown-ups, but says just aren't as much fun.  

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Meet Children's Author Suzanne Magdalena Rolph-McFalls

Meet Author Michael Anthony McFalls

This is his debut. A collection of poems and prose from the heart and soul of an American icon. Read Michael Anthony McFalls once, and you will never forget him.  These poems speak to the broken soul, the screw- up, the lovesick, and the unforgivable in each of us.

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Meet Illustrator Lika Kvirikashvili

Lika Kvirikashvili is an artist from Georgia. Born on January 19,1989. In 2007 graduated from College Of Culture ,faculty - Artistic Design. Got a bachelor's degree in 2012 at the Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts,as a Fashion Designer.  In 2013 studied Advertising and Graphic design in GPA. After graduating started work as a freelancer Graphic designer and Illustrator. First book had been published in Germany,in 2013 December. Nowadays books,with her cover and interior illustrations

are for sale in Germany,Austria,UK,USA and Australia. She lives and works in Georgia,Tbilisi.